The Healthy CPAP UV-C Sanitizer

The Healthy CPAP UV-C Cleaner and Sanitizer provides easy 3-minute cleaning and sanitizing of your CPAP equipment, mobile phones, face masks, keys and many household and personal items.

Product Highlights

  * Highly Efficient – 3 minutes of UV-C sterilization is equal to 6 hours under the sunshine, the UV-C light can effectively disinfect 99.9% of bacteria left on your CPAP supplies, 99.9% sterilization, non-toxic.  Very inexpensive to operate.

 *  Easy and Safe Operation – Just one-button operation, 3 minutes with auto shut off timer, safety shut off if lid is opened during operation.

 *  Fresh Smell – Enjoy the fresh smell and environmental benefits of line-drying. Sterilizing lights remove invisible viruses and bacteria that can produce an “off smell” and give you a clean refreshing scent to your CPAP supplies.  There is no residual chemical smell after sterilizing. 

 *  Travel Bag – The foldable box is perfect for travel, waterproof cloth, USB powered with 2-prong standard wall adapter.  Eliminate risks of local molds, germs and viruses around you. Helps you to have a safe and comfortable vacation.

 *  Multiple Benefits – The jumbo size makes this bag ideal for sterilizing many personal items such as women’s under garments, all oral devices, tooth brushes, hearing aids as well as cell phones and tablets, drinking cups & mugs, personal protection masks and baby items such as bottles, pacifiers and other chew and hand toys.  Use your imagination.

Product Description:

Product Name:  Healthy CPAP Portable UV-C Sanitizer Bag

Input Voltage: DC5V

Rated Power: 5W

Working Temperature: 0℃~60℃

Ambient Humidity: 20%~90%

Disinfection Speed: 3 minutes with Auto Shut-Off Timer

Outer Dimension: 11.5” L x 11” W x 9.5”H

Inner Dimension: 11” L × 10.5” W × 9”H

Travel Dimensions: 11.5” L x 11” W x 1.25”H

Disinfection Method: UV-C Light

UV Light Lifespan: ﹥10,000 Hours

UV Wavelength: 260nm-280nm

Display Type: LED Status Display

Weight:  2 Lbs

Sterilizer Color: Grey

Warranty: 2 Year