UV-C Sterilization and Covid-19

With the advent of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) causing illness and death worldwide in 2020, scientists from around the world have been scrambling to find efficient and affordable methods of sanitizing items. Every day, more studies are done looking for ways to effectively kill the virus, and many are investigating the relationship between UV-C sterilization and Covid-19.

Scientists studying UV-C Sterilization and Covid-19

From durable medical goods to “disposable” items like respirators and face masks, there has been a need for products to sanitize and disinfect. Many scientists have long looked at ultraviolet (UV-C) light as an effective sanitizing agent against many viral and bacterial agents.

Although much is left to learn about the Covid-19 virus (and other similar coronaviruses) recent studies are very promising.

A recent story in Healthcare Publishing News released a study by Henry Ford Health Systems in cooperation with the University of Michigan in which live Covid-19 virus was placed on N95 respirators (face masks.) Researchers say the outside and inside of the facemasks were decontaminated in a prototype phototherapy unit that dispenses a UV-C dosing level high enough to effectively kill the virus in less than two minutes while still preserving the facemask’s breathability, fit and overall integrity.

Earlier stories relate the effectiveness of UVC-light in varying wavelengths at destroying other similar virus pathogens. The evidence regarding UV-C efficacy for SARS-CoV-2 virus is still evolving, similar to overall understanding of many facets regarding the novel coronavirus and various strains. However, available evidence suggests that germicidal UV-C radiation is effective for the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 and other microbial pathogens. These are only two of many studies investigating UV-C sterilization and Covid-19.

What’s in it for me?

The Healthy CPAP UV-C sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to destroy microbial pathogens. This makes it a highly effective sanitizer for many objects, from CPAP breathing devices to personal items like face masks, wallets, cell and mobile phones, keys, toys and the like. The large interior of our portable sanitizing bag makes it easy to sanitize and disinfect many objects you may not have even considered could be carrying germs. With a fast cleaning cycle of under three minutes and safety features (automatic shut-off if the lid is opened, timed cleaning cycle, etc.) the Healthy CPAP UV-C cleaner is a convenient and affordable method of keeping yourself safe.