Let’s Compare Cleaning Methods

We’ve discussed the three methods of cleaning your CPAP device:

1: Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaning
Manufacturers recommend cleaning daily to weekly with a hot soapy water wash and rinse, followed by an astringent (vinegar solution) soak weekly.

2: Ozone Sanitizers
Ozone sanitizers use ozone gas to disinfect the CPAP device. As discussed here, there are many negative side effects reported by users.

3: Ultraviolet (UV-C) Technology
UVC technology utilizes the power of ultaviolet light to clean and disinfect the CPAP device.

Comparison Chart

(Use landscape/horizontal position on mobile devices for better viewing.)

IssueMfr. RecommendedOzone TechnologyUV-C Technology
Noise Level:N/ALoudSilent
Unpleasant Odor?PossiblyYesNo
Time Requirement?<1 Hour2-4 Hours3 Minutes
Prewash Recommended?N/AYesYes
Cleans Oils/Soils:YesNoNo
Takes up Nightstand Space?NoYesNo
Recurring Costs?YesYesNo
Risk of CPAP Damage?NoYesNo