Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Face Masks

Sanitize and disinfect face mask from covid 19 and bacteria

With the COVID-19 pandemic making face masks a daily necessity, many folks are asking how they can properly clean and/or disinfect their face masks.

Many fabric face masks are machine washable, but the washing and drying cycle can take time and can wear out your facemask quickly.

Ultraviolet (UV-C) light has been proven to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sterilize all types of face masks, from cloth and fabric masks to standard non-woven masks, such as n95 and surgical face masks.

The same technology that can sanitize your face mask can be used for many other personal and household products such as baby bottles and cups, small baby and child toys, keys, mobile phones and other personal electronics, wallets, employee badges and tags and much more!

The Healthy CPAP UV-C cleaner and sanitizer can remove over 99.9% of bacteria, quickly and efficiently, with a run cycle of only three minutes.

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